Customized services for MIPS and Advanced APMs are available through the sponsor of the site: Apollo HIT, LLC

Services currently being provided to healthcare stakeholders engaged in the MIPS include:

  • MIPS strategic planning including:

    • In-depth, highly customized quality measure selection and reporting recommendations

    • Detailed assessments of Promoting Interoperability performance, targeting 100% scores

    • Improvement Activity selection and implementation coupled with guidance on documentation, compliance, and reporting

    • Strategies to improve performance in the Cost performance category of MIPS, including the role of HCC coding and processes that reduce unnecessary readmissions

  • MIPS Return on Investment (ROI) assessments

  • MIPS and Reputation Management consulting services

  • Clinician and staff education (seminars, webinars, one-on-one training)

  • Ongoing monitoring of MIPS performance in all categories

    • Real time root-cause analysis of underperformance

    • Real time performance corrections

  • MIPS audit risk-reduction/CDI strategies

  • EHR customizations that optimize MIPS performance

Services available to practices engaged in or considering Advanced APMs

  • Indepth strategic planning and risk assessment

  • Determination of eligibility

  • Potential ROI determination

  • ACO Track 1 to ACO Track 1+ conversion process

  • ACO quality measure performance optimization

  • HCC coding

Services available to additional stakeholders

  • Health Information Technology (HIT) vendor (including EHRs) QPP domain expert services

  • Compliance organization domain expert services

  • Public speaking/webinars

  • HIT product QPP compliance reviews

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